Overview - BIS was established in 1988 with one philosophy: to provide the best professional service in the business. Our high level of client satisfaction is proof enough that we are on the right track -- and have been on that track for over 25 years. We are there for every client, every step of the way: from budgeting and planning, to operations and reporting, to evidence control and court testimony. The wealth of experience represented by our investigators and staff, and their dedication to superb service, has made the difference for insurance carriers and adjusters nationwide -- and we can make the difference for you.

Table of Contents
  1. Sub Rosa / Surveillance
  2. AOE/COE Investigations
  3. Special Investigation Anti-Fraud Unit
  4. Accident Investigation and Reconstruction
  5. Background Checks and Information Services
  6. Locating Individuals, Witnesses, and Businesses

Sub Rosa/Surveillance

Our Sub Rosa Investigators are trained, experienced experts in their field. They have the skills required to determine the proper location for surveillance, to monitor the individual's activities, and to provide the right documentation.

Baechler Investigative Services provides our Sub Rosa investigators with the best equipment to do the job right. Our Sub Rosa vehicles are specially modifed to be non-obtrusive, and blend into any community. Our hidden cameras allow our experts to obtain video footage in areas where full size video cameras would compromise an investigation. All of this in addition to a variety of proprietary tools we can't even tell you about!

And, of course, we stay abreast of current laws and case law in relation to Sub Rosa, incuding privacy laws, admission of evidence, approved techniques, and related requirments -- all of which ensure that the documentation obtained during surveillance will stand up to the toughest scruitiny.

What is a Sub Rosa Investigation?

Although the terms are often interchanged, Sub Rosa and Surveillance are not the same investigation. Surveillance is simply documenting a subject's activities -- and while that's a vital part of a Sub Rosa Investigation, a proper Sub Rosa includes the folowing minimum elements:

AOE/COE Investigations

Our AOE/COE investigators are highly trained interviewers and know when red flags or signs of abuse appear. This aids the adjuster in accepting legitimate claims, denying abuse claims and complying with state law on suspected fraudulent claims. We are expereinced and aware of the WCAB rules and regulations, the 90 day decision deadline and other regulations.

Special Investigation Anti-Fraud Unit

Our qualified SIU Division serves as the contractual SIU for various insurance carriers, TPA's, and local government entities to assure compliance with all state laws. Our SIU can also work closely with your in-house SIU, handling overflow cases, Sub Rosa, witness statements, and similar services.

In California, every insurance carrier is required by law to maintain an active SIU. Although there are exemptions to the law for self insured entities, reinsurers, and certain other groups, opting out is not always the right answer. An active and experienced SIU is vital to properly combat and control insurance fraud.

Our SIU, working with with the Claims Handler, fights fraud in a variety of ways, including:

Traffic Collision Investigation or Reconstruction

Mr. Baechler is a court recognized expert on traffic collision reconstruction. Reconstructed collisions include traffic signals and rear end collisions. Our investigators are well trained in traffic collision analysis, including staged accidents, non-witnessed accidents, and single vehicle collisions.

Background Checks and Information Services

We are currently online with numerous worldwide and national databases. This allows us instant access to countless searches to aid in quickly locating individuals, learning UCC information, finding DMV records, obtaining corporate information, and other investigative aids.

We also maintain in-house databases to aid in our investigations. By using the databases we are successful in maintaining cost effectiveness for our clients, and drastically improving turn around time.

Locating Persons, Witnesses and Businesses

We have located witnesses and individuals in virtually every state, Mexico and Honduras. We frequently receive requests to locate witnesses, individuals, and present or defunct business entities. Requests of this nature are often in conjunction with an investigation, such as in cases of construction defects, difficult service of process, trial preparation, or traffic collisions. We are often successful in locating the party through our national database system. However, field work is sometimes necessary, and Baechler Investigative Services will put the full suite of investigative tools at your disposal to resolve your case.