Overview - In addition to our full suite of investigative services, BIS offers legal clients several additional tools for successfully transacting their court matters. Whether it's simple background checks and asset investigations, or complex process service, we can make the difference for you.

  1. Investigative Options
  2. Service of Process
  3. Document Copy Services

Investigative Options

We offer our legal clients the same suite of investigative services that have brought insurance carriers, law firms, businesses, and our personal clients back year after year. These include:

Service of Process

A service of process assignment can range from simply providing documents to a cooperative individual, to an extensive investigation to locate, track, and serve an extremely evasive individual or entity. Over the years, our office has assisted litigators with service of process on cases ranging from a small claims matter, to a summons related to a multi-million dollar lawsuit, to a subpoena of a hostile witness, or the eviction of a non-paying client. Regardless of the size of the case, the training, experience, and abilities of the agent often makes the difference between success or failure. Our Investigators have traveled from the remote areas of Honduras, to the back mountains of Mexico, and almost every state locating individuals and serving various types of process. We love difficult cases, because we know our team is up to the challenge.

What We Offer

Document Copy Services

BIS offers a complete solution for obtaining the documents you need-- from case file hand-searches, to court ordered releases of records, to the fulfillment of subpoenas. Difficult jobs are not a problem: we know that some people, or companies, will try to avoid court orders, hide records, or create problems allowing the records to be copied. Our Investigators are trained to get the records - all the records, every time. We will prepare the subpoena and the Notice To Consumer, locate the subject or business entitiy, serve the subpoena, and copy the records you are seeking, at very competitive prices.


Other Duplication Perks with BIS


BIS uses state of the art equipment which produces scanned images of unparalleled quality.

Our high speed compiers can finish your job quickly and accurately, without missing pages or copies.


BIS has been providing dependable, professional services since 1988. Our staff has been trained by professionals with the experience, training and knowledge to do the job right the first time, every time.


BIS has received awards for their outstanding commitment to customer satisfaction and quality service. We will finish the job quickly and accurately. We use the team concept to keep you in the loop.

Easy Ordering Process

Call us or complete the simple, one page work order and simply email it to our office. We can prepare the Subpoena, Notice To Consumer, and other required legal documents. We schedule the appointment, and scan all records. We examine the records, and obtain the Certification of Records to avoid holdback of critical documents.