Summary - How do you choose the people you trust with your children, or your heart? What happens when that trust is betrayed? It is estimated that 20% of spouses, male or female, commit infidelity - with some estimates as high as 60%. Heart-wrenching, life-devastating child custody battles are all too common. Teen drug use and criminal behavior can destroy families. At Baechler Investigative Services, we understand the pain, embarassment, and fear of personal cases, and we stand ready to help you get the peace of mind you need.

Table of Contents
  1. Family and Domestic Cases
  2. Spousal Sub Rosa / Surveillance

Family and Domestic Cases

We offer our private clients our full suite of investigative tools, which have helped attorneys, businesses, and insurance companies solve cases big and small. These investigative options have been used by all kinds of people, in all kinds of cases, including:

Spousal Sub Rosa / Surveillance

Our surveillance investigators are trained and experienced experts who can discreetly accomplish what no one else can. They have the skills required to determine the proper location for surveillance, follow an individual, and document any and all activity. Baechler Investigative provides our surveillance investigators with the proper equipment to do the job right. Our surveillance vehicles are specially modifed, non-obtrusive and blend into any community. Our hidden cameras allow our experts to obtain video footage in areas where a full size video camera could compromise the investigation.

We stay abreast of current laws and case law in relation to Surveillance incuding privacy laws, admission of evidence, approved techniques and related requirments.

What is a Sub Rosa Investigation?

Although the terms are often interchanged, Sub Rosa and surveillance are not the same investigation. Surveillance is simply documenting a subject's activities -- and while that's a vital part of a Sub Rosa investigation, a proper Sub Rosa includes the folowing minimum elements: